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Best Dried Fruits for Weight Loss

 Best Dried Fruits for Weight Loss

Let's first know that what are dry fruits? 
And how we can use them....

People of India are very fond of food and drink, and why not - because in India, there is always something to eat in every season. Dry fruits are called सूखे मेवे in Hindi and are used in making snacks and sweets. It contains a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, high calories. The doctors also recommend us to eat dry fruit. Today we will know how many types of dry fruits should we include in our food.

First of all, we know why it is important for us to eat dry fruit, it is said that eating nuts and dry fruit in the morning is very good for your health. We can eat dry fruits in any way, you can eat like this or keep it soaked and eat in the morning. According to the doctors, we can also take it as a combination such as 4 almonds, a walnut, a little poppy seeds and figs. It is believed that figs are very beneficial for our health, eating them all in the morning keeps our body very relaxed and fit.

Now we know what are the benefits of eating dry fruits -

1. Improve blood circulation and blood cancer prevention

2. Help to keep the heart healthy and get rid from Heart disease

3. Lungs Cancer prevention

4. Beneficial for cholesterol and sugar

5. Control in weight gain

6. Effective for constipation

7. Rich in Antioxidants

8. Are very important for pregnancy

Know which nutrients are present in all dry fruits -

Water, Energy, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Sugar, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Vitamin C, Folate and Fatty Acids (Totally Decorated).

What are dry fruits and what are their 

Almond (बादाम)


There are many types of proteins, fiber and fatty acids in almonds which are very beneficial for the body, so you should definitely eat 4 almonds daily. If you soak it and eat it, it will prove to be very beneficial for you. It contains plenty of anti-oxidants and contains 0% cholesterol. Consuming it greatly benefits for hair fall, skin, Ear pain and teeth pain. Its use provides a lot of benefit for the prevention of blood pressure, heart disease. You can also eat almond baking.

Cashew Nut (काजू)

Cashew nut

Cashews are very beneficial for health, but due to the high calorie intake in it, it is good to eat less. The most nutritious nutrients are found in cashew nut which are beneficial for the body, but it should not be eaten raw. Cashew makes bones strong, makes teeth and gums healthy as well.

Raisins (किशमिश)


Raisins are beneficial for health, it causes blood loss. It tightens and strengthens the brain and controls high blood pressure, reduces acidity and also helps in digestion.

Walnut (अखरोट)


Walnuts are very nutritious, walnuts are rich sources of Omega-3, Fatty Acids, Fiber, Proteins, Anti-oxidants, Vitamins and Minerals. These are very beneficial for our body.

Pistachios (पिस्ता)


Pistachios contain large amounts of vitamin-E. Pistachio is very good for the heart, as it helps in reducing bad cholesterol. It also helps in preventing diabetes and increasing immunity. Karonitas present in it also protects against diseases such as cataract, weakness or disease in the eyes (Cataracts) due to aging effects and also keeps the digestive system healthy.

Dates (खजूर)


Dates contain vitamins, proteins, minerals and natural sugar. In addition to treating anemia, dates provide relief from constipation. Dates are also beneficial in cold, cough and phlegm. Eating dates makes bones strong (Bone strengthening) and provides physical and mental strength. If the date palm is hot, two to three dates can be eaten in winter.

There are many other dry fruits - such as Apricots, Figs, Dry Grapes, Flaxseed, Peanuts, Chickpeas and Jaggery, Sprouted grains and Makhane.

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