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Is Banana Good For Pregnancy

 Is Banana Good For Pregnancy

Banana is good for Pregnancy

Banana is good for Pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs all the nutrients during pregnancy. At this time, fruits are considered very beneficial - doctors give proteins, minerals, iron tablets so that the pregnant woman does not face any problem, but many pregnant women have a question that should they eat banana or not? In pregnancy, the woman is asked to eat healthy food for the development of the baby.

During pregnancy, women should include all the fresh fruits and vegetables containing nutrients and fiber in their diet and one of the beneficial fruits in pregnancy like this is because banana contains all the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Banana is rich in nutrients and that is why it is considered beneficial for pregnant women to eat bananas and all these nutrients are very important for the development of the baby, that is why it is beneficial for pregnant women to eat banana during pregnancy.

Now quickly know what are the 

benefits of eating banana (अब जल्दी से 

जान लेते हैं कि केला खाने के और क्या-क्या 

फायदे होते हैं )

1. Many women complain of edema in the second and third trimesters, edema causes swelling of bones, legs and joints. If you too have this problem, then add bananas in your diet and stay away from salty things.

2. Eating bananas provides protection against gastric acid in the stomach and the walls of the food pipe, because in pregnancy, acidity and chest irritation are common and many women face this problem. During this period, eating bananas can prevent acidity and heartburn.

3. Now the question comes in the mind of many women, how much quantity of banana can we eat during pregnancy? To maintain the balance of fluids and electrolyte in the body, women need 4700 mg of potassium daily during pregnancy and to fulfill this, one to two medium sized bananas should be eaten daily during pregnancy.

4. Always keep in mind one thing that banana increases the amount of our sugar, so women who already have sugar should not consume bananas.

5. Eating bananas increases immunity power in women and immediately brings energy.

Hope you like this information. We keep bringing such beneficial tips for you, you will definitely tell by commenting so that we continue to get encouragement and we keep bringing you such good information.

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