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Meditation - (Hume Kiu, Kab aur Kaise Krni Chahiye)

 Meditation  (Why, when & how should we do meditation)


Meditation is also related to health, let's know how???? 

It is said that it is very easy to meet others, if something is difficult, then meeting yourself. Kabir Das has said that God is inside us, if we can see it, then he will definitely appear us. Friends, we keep searching for our wealth and our happiness outside, without realizing that all the knowledge and all the powers are within us. The greatest treasure of the world is not outside but inside us and we can meet ourselves by practicing meditation. And that sect can find that treasure once again.

Science has also proved that by practicing meditation our stress is relieved. Our anxiety, stress, depression starts to heal, our health increases, we start becoming wealthier, our memory starts getting better, our personality also starts improving. Whatever we can imagine, we get it easily.

The night is the time when our mind rests, whatever happens in our mind, whether positive or negative, it enters our deep brain or subconscious mind, so it is important that before sleeping we must Clean all the waste so that we get a good sleep and our body can speed up our healing process.

While meditating at night, you will thank God that you gave me this life today, thank you for that,  my body is healthy, thanks for that, I got food today, thank you for that and you apologize for your mistakes made throughout the day,  God will surely forgive you, so open your eyes by saying so.

I hope that you have liked this article, through this we have tried to tell you how important is meditation for our lives, you can improve your mental state through meditation as well as your physical condition. Meditation is very important, so you must do meditation in the morning and evening. If this article is useful for you, please do let me know by commenting so that we can continue to get motivation and we will continue to bring similar information for you. Thank you.


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