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Pancreatic Cancer Stages and Diabetes : Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, Preventions and More


Pancreatic cancer refers to cancer that mainly occurs in the pancreas. The pancreas mainly releases enzymes that help digestion. Apart from this, they also make hormones that are useful in making blood sugar. This cancer spreads very fast, so it becomes very difficult to detect it initially.

Symptoms of Pancreatic 

Cancer(अग्नाशय के कैंसर के लक्षण):-

  • There are many symptoms like abdominal pain reaching the back.
  • Skin yellowing and Eye whitening.
  • Loss of appetite and rapid occurrence of weight gain.
  • Smoking appears to be the main reason for this cancer and it has also been seen in people suffering from diabetes.
  • It can also be cancer genetics and cancer can be seen even in older people.
  • Apart from this, there can be other main reasons such as burning, diarrhea, back pain, dark urine, itching, rash and weakness, Sweating, and rapid heartbeat, etc.
  • There is often anemia and liver damage can also occur. Therefore we need to have complete knowledge about this cancer.

Prevention and

treatment of

Pancreatic Cancer

(अग्नाशय के कैंसर

की रोकथाम

और उपचार):-

  • Do not smoke at all and control your weight.
  • Do not consume alcohol at all, and get your health checked up.
  • It consists of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and the pancreas is also transplanted when needed.
  • This cancer can be detected through ultrasound CT scan and blood test, after that it should be treated according to the doctor's advice in a good way.
  • Eat a pure diet, consume fruits and vegetables in maximum quantity.



Diabetes is a disease that affects a lot of people in about 1 year. This is a disease that also affects the body's ability to produce insulin. Insulin is a type of hormone that converts food into energy and it helps to carry this energy to all cells. therefore, when insulin is not produced in sufficient quantity, it affects the whole body. This happens mainly in diabetes.

In diabetes, increases the blood sugar or glucose levels in the body significantly. Pregnant women can also have sugar, a blood test is done to detect this.

Symptoms of Diabetes(मधुमेह के 


  • The initial symptom in diabetes is an increased amount of glucose in the blood and urine. Lack of water and excessive thirst in the body.
  • More appetite and increased urination.
  • Weight gain and loss
  • Somebody's wound or someone's cut and that doesn't heal quickly.
  • Fatigue and itchy skin.
  • Due to excess sugar in the blood, the kidneys start working more to clean the blood and by taking out the excess sugar from the body through urine. That is why frequent urination and thirst are also very high. This is also a major symptom of diabetes.
  • Due to pregnancy, diabetes at risk of getting because during pregnancy weight gain starts and due to which the risk of diabetes also increases.

Prevention and treatment 

of Diabetes (मधुमेह 

की रोकथाम

और उपचार):-

  • Blood sugar levels should not be increased in this. It should be kept under control.
  • The most common treatment for diabetes is to take medicine, to exercise and insulin injections are also given if the sugar level is increased.
  • Diabetes can be avoided eaten by boiling green vegetables, eat whole grains, and more salad.
  • Take proteins rich food and use fruits more and more in your diet.
  • We should not eat sweet food in diabetes, do not consume sweets and tea. If you drink tea so without sugar So it will be very good for your health.
  • Do not eat white bread, pasta, and rice, don't consume honey, and no intake of sugar-rich products.
  • Get enough sleep and do not consume smoking.
  • Do obesity less. Take food that not to gain weight.
  • If you feel that my sugar level has increased, then do a blood test before and after eating in which sugar can be detected in your body.
As we all know that diabetes has become a disease that is happening to human beings from small to big but it is a disease that we can live a good lifestyle by taking care of our food and drink.

I want to share one thing with you that my mother has diabetes which happened to her at the age of 40, and she was also seen with mild symptoms like fever, cough, etc but at that time, we could not understand that these belong to.

Due to this, he gets diabetes at the age of 40 and one of his kidneys gets spoiled. We could not find out then, but now one of his kidneys was removed due to malfunction and now he has only one kidney to survive. But now she is eating regular sugar medicine.

That is why you are requested that if you see any problem, then you must have to do a blood test & sugar test So, we hope that in this article you will have got learn Something and it will prove to be beneficial for you. 

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