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Pregnancy of 9 months (Step by Step) - 9 महीने की गर्भावस्था (चरण दर चरण)

Pregnancy of 9 months (Step by Step) - 9 महीने की गर्भावस्था (चरण दर चरण):-

Pregnancy of 9 months

When a woman comes to know that she is pregnant then she becomes very happy just like she would have reached a different world. When you become a mother for the first time, a lot of questions start to grow in your mind tat what changes will come in us the first to till a ninth month and how the baby body will progress in the womb.

So, let's know about pregnancy(तो, आइए जानते हैं गर्भावस्था के बारे में):-

Pregnancy is a process of about 40 weeks, during which the fetus develops in the woman's womb. The mixing of egg and sperm is called Fertilization by which the fetus develops in the body. The day your periods are missed, pregnancy is detected a month in advance because it is difficult to guess that when the egg has fertilized in your body. The last day of the last month's period is called the beginning of pregnancy. 

Doctors give a balanced diet plan to a woman for the good health of mother and child, and for the physical development of the child. And during pregnancy, exercising is also very important so, that the body remains active.

Let us read about it in details(आइये इसके बारे में विस्तार से पढ़ते हैं):-

First Trimester of Pregnancy(गर्भावस्था की पहली तिमाही):-


The first 3 months of pregnancy is called the first trimester of pregnancy. Every woman's body undergoes different changes during pregnancy. In this, some women feel happy but some women do feel sad too. 

The initial 3 months are very important. Many women experience vomiting and mood changes due to hormone changing in the body. And your body undergoes a lot of physical changes and hormonal changes. But there are many women who anything and spend their days like normal life, they feel no other problems during pregnancy. You have to be patient in the first 3 months because these are the 3 months in which the risk of abortion also increases, so it is said that pregnant women should not lift weights.

It is said that no crowded place or polluted place should be visited in the first 3 months. You can drink tea and lemonade as soon as you wake up in the morning. Throughout the day also you should take lots of fluids such as juices, vegetable soup, coconut water, and drink shake today from this there will be no shortage of water in the body. We should take great care of the catering because the baby parts start forming in the first 3 months.

In the first 3 months, begins to become small parts of the child, such as eyes, ears, nose, and his entire body starts becoming. Blood cells begin to take their shape and blood effects also begin and heartbeat A also begins to form. In the third stage, the child's hands and toes begin to form and fists are also formed which he opens and closes repeatedly. By 3 months, the baby is about 7-10 cm long and about 28 to 30 grams.

Second Trimester of Pregnancy(गर्भावस्था की दूसरी तिमाही):-


In the second trimester, most women get the problem of stretch marks because the stomach grows and the skin goes drawn due to which the stretch marks come. Apart from this, there draw stretch marks around your breast and around the thighs, which appear light red color, it also has a lot of itching. You can use lemon juice, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, bio-oil,  and olive oil to reduce stretch marks. apply at night and after a few days, you will feel that it is gradually decreasing

During this time, the doctors conduct ultrasound, blood test, urine test, and also start getting vaccinations so that there is no problem in the development of the baby and information about the baby is in the womb. Make sure to abstain from sex in the first semester so that the baby does not have a problem, But in the first semester it is safe, then you can have sex in the second semester. There will be no problem. But a lot of women face problems with sex and fear of miscarriage, so we believe that we should avoid it. Along with this, doctors also provide iron and calcium tablets so that there is no problem in pregnancy and you get plenty of calcium and iron.

In the second trimester, the baby's fingers are fully ready, and at this same time nails, eyebrows, teeth, and bones start to become stronger. During this time, listening to the sound of the outside world in your womb, and the baby starts doing all the activities that the common man does. By 6 months, the baby is about 12 inches long and about 1 kilogram.

Third Trimester of Pregnancy(गर्भावस्था की तीसरी तिमाही):-


Pregnancy, however, remains a full to many troubles, but after the birth of the child or the feeling of it forgets all these troubles. White water discharge is very common, in this trimester pregnancy. do not panic. this may cause itching or burning, to reduce this problem drink as much water, due to hormonal changes you will feel the smell in this white discharge, do not nervous. At this time there will be a problem of swelling in the feet. But you have to consult a doctor and get frequent checkups every month. 

Sometimes in pregnancy, there is difficulty in breathing due to the rise of the uterus above the umbilical cord. In this time, There can be a shortage of blood, so doctors give iron tablets to eat. It should be eaten regularly. In such a situation, there is gets tired walk a little, problems like breathlessness, etc.

If you have such a problem, take great care of exercise and do regular morning exercise daily. Due to this problem, the baby may also have trouble breathing, so it should be taken care of. If you remain active for the entire 9 months, then the chances of the delivery being normal are very high, but if you do relax more and you do not the housework, then the operation chances are increased.

At this time, there is a place to collect fat in the body of the child, that is why in this quarter you will feel that child is kicking. At this time the child's brain develops very fast, he is able to see and hear. The situation of the child changes completely as formed in the womb and it is ready for delivery. The child comes to your birth canal. In the last month of pregnancy, the baby becomes 18 to 20 inches long and 3-3.5 kg.

Hope you have liked this article, then request you to tell it by commenting once so that we can continue to get Motivation. In this, we have told you about the three stages of pregnancy so that you will not have any problem in pregnancy from the beginning to the end. Thank you for reading and understanding this article.

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