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Hair fall (बालों का झड़ना) and Dandruff (बालों में रूसी)

 Hair fall (बालों का झड़ना)


The fall of hair is called hair fall The body does not get all the nutrients, which affected the hair and causes hair loss. If not treated on time, it can become a serious problem. Approximately 100 hair falls per day are considered normal as new hairs grow instead. But more than this, hair fall is a serious problem. This can cause baldness. Repeated coloring of hair also causes hair to avoid it.

There are many symptoms and causes as below.

Causes (कारण ) - 

  • Hair falls due to changing hormones.
  • If you have an infectious disease, hair may also fall due to this reason.
  • Mostly this problem is seen in pregnant women. Hair loss after pregnancy becomes normal in women.
  • If the amount of iron and protein in your food is less then the hair becomes weak and starts falling.
  • If you take more tension about something, you remain under stress, then your hair starts falling.
  • It can also be genetic.

Symptoms (लक्षण) - 

  • Weakness and breakage of hair
  • Bald spots
  • Scallop to be rough
  • Dryness in the hair of the head.
  • Itchy skin
Treatment (इलाज) - 
  • The problem of hair fall is early then the doctors give medicines to the patients so that it can be cured.
  • Laser therapy is used, from rays of laser on scallop can make the hair thickened.
  • Transplant surgery is also done. From the place where there is thickened hair on the scalp, hair is applied to the baldness area.
  • To overcome the problem of hair fall, eggs are also used, paste the eggs well and apply on your hair with the help of a brush, then keep it for about 20 minutes, then wash it with shampoo.
  • Even after adding Indian gooseberry in coconut oil, hair loss is reduced.

Dandruff (बालों में रूसी)


If you do not take care of the hair properly, then many problems arise, one of them is dandruff which is due to dryness of hair. When it comes out dandruff the hair is itchy and from itching scallop sometimes turns red. The problem of hair is seen not only in women but also in men. Initially, it is in the upper layer of the scallop but gradually it goes to the bottom. Do not clean the hair properly, do not put hair oil, they do not get the nutritional elements, which increases the risk of getting dandruff.

Symptoms of Dandruff (रूसी के लक्षण) :-

  • Mostly dandruff occurs in winter because the warm indoors cause the skin to dry up and this condition improves in the summer.
  • If the head has dry skin or the head is very dirty, then the risk of getting dandruff is increased.
  • If there is any skin disease or mental stress, dandruff can be created.
  • Even if you do not eat nutritious food properly, it also affects the hair, therefore fresh vegetables and fruits should always be consumed.

Prevention & Cure of Dandruff (रूसी की रोकथाम और इलाज) :-

  • To avoid this, it is very important to keep the head clean and massage with oil continuously.
  • Make a mixture by mixing lemon juice in coconut oil and apply it to your hair and leave it for half an hour, then wash the hair. This is a home remedy that can be prevented from dandruff.
  • If you do not a cold, then you can apply curd on your head, it can be prevented from getting dandruff. 
  • Rita and Shikakai have been used on hair for many years, it is very beneficial for dandruff, you can also apply hair packs of it or you can soak it overnight and then in the morning it If applied, it removes dandruff from the head.
  • Fenugreek is also beneficial for dandruff, soak fenugreek overnight and make a paste in the morning and apply it on the hair, it reduces the hair loss along with the husk.
  • Aloe vera gel and neem are used on the head, after applying it is left for half an hour and then washed with shampoo, it is beneficial in eliminating dandruff.

So today you read about hair fall prevention and dandruff, how can we prevent it and what are the symptoms of it. Hope you liked this article, it might have given you some information.

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