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Cataracts (मोतियाबिंद) - Eye disease

 Cataracts (मोतियाबिंद)


Eyes are the most important and beautiful part of the human body, through this can see and enjoy the very best things in the world. And if something happens in the eye, then it can be dangerous, so it is very important to take care of the eyes and it is very necessary to take care of it with increasing age because, with old age, visibility in the eye also reduces. And it is seen that after the age of 50, cataract becomes normal in the eyes. 

Cataracts cause blurring of the eye lens., or a layer form over the lens of the eye which reduces the ability to see.  Cataracts are often slowly affected, this one eye can affect one or both eyes. In this, symptoms like showing the color of light, appearing blurred, seeing light around the light, having trouble seeing at night. A cataract is seen in most women because they do so many small tasks at home which causes more eye effects.

Types of cataract (मोतियाबिंद के प्रकार) :-

  1. Nuclear Sclerotic Cataract - It is the most common type of cataract that occurs due to the wording of the lens and yellowing. Changes in the ability of the eyes to focus and can improve vision but not even temporarily, It is not permanent.
  2. Cortical Cataract - In this type of cataract, the outer part of the lens appears to be somewhat white and it slowly moves towards the center. This type of cataract is in the cover of the lens and it is a little opaque in the back surface of the lens.
  3. Subcapsular Cataract - This type of cataract causes discomfort in the study and lights like if there is a glow in front of the eyes, people who suffer from diabetes or suffer from other problems, it becomes very normal to have this type of cataract. This cataract develops very fast and it lasts for more months.

Symptoms of cataract (मोतियाबिंद के 

लक्षण) :-

  • This is a common symptom that is visible to a person dim in a cataract, but sometimes two things start appearing together.
  • Cataracts also affect your color vision, that is, you can see brighter colors but turns light.
  • In cataracts, it is often seen that the number of eyes changes frequently, sometimes the number decreases, and sometimes it increases.
  • In the cataract, it stops appearing in the evening or appears very blurred and nobody sees can without glasses at night. These are the symptoms that appear in the cataract.

Prevention of cataract (मोतियाबिंद 

के रोक-थाम) :-

  • To prevent cataracts we can adopt many things like you should get eyes checked regularly.
  • Stop cigarette and alcohol consumption.
  • Eat a good and nutritious diet
  • If you have a cataract and the doctor has advised you to apply glasses, then apply regular glasses but do everything by applying glasses.
  • If you have been having cataracts for a long time, the doctor recommends surgery.

Watery eyes, prickling, or itching 

(आंखों में पानी आना, चुभन, या खुजली)


Watering from the eyes means there are tears in the eyes. tears also help to keep the eyes lubricated and remove external substances from the eyes. Dry eye is a condition in the eyes that causes an itching sensation in the eyes. This does not make enough amount of tears in the eyes. 

It can have many symptoms of eye itching, very much mud, pain in the eyes, red eyes, every time, and again it seems as if there is something in the eye, feeling tired and irritated in the eyes at night.

Dryness in the eyes may occur thrive, it is also a symptom of increased thyroid. It has swelling on the eyelids and there are papdi freezes around the eyes.

The problem of watery eyes increases with age, it is that in the old age, the skin of the eyelids becomes loose due to which the eyelids start hanging. Sometimes swelling and irritation in the eyes occur due to allergies and infections in the eyes.

Its prevention and Treatment:-

  • Protect your eyes from direct air such as hairdryer, heater, AC and fan air, etc.
  • Do not sit for too long on a book or computer screen, this puts emphasis on the eyes and increases the risk of reduced eye light.
  • Keep eyes away from smoke.
  • There are many such eye drops in the market that can relieve this problem from the problem but do not try it yourself, consult a doctor, and then apply it.
  • If you are staying in the sun for too long, then go out wearing sunglasses, caps, etc.
  • Eat a balanced diet so that your eyes get all the nutrients and the eyes light up.
  • Avoid coming in contact with people who are viral, keep washing your hands and feet so that the infection does not reach your eyes.

Hope that you have found some information in this article, in this we have tried to tell you how to get rid of cataracts in the eyes or what are the home remedies for prickling and itching in the eyes and what is the cure for this. You are requested to comment on this and tell us how this article was.

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