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Abortion (गर्भपात) and Cesarean delivery (सिजेरियन डिलिवरी)

 Abortion (गर्भपात)


Miscarriage is a condition that causes a woman's mental and physical problems, which can also cause stress. Aborting a pregnancy or accidentally destroying the fetus is called abortion. In the first 3 months, there is a lot of worry about the miscarriage of miscarriage, and much attention is needed at that time. If you do not want a child at that time, abortion can be done by taking medicines or with tools. But if the pregnancy has been timed or it has been more than 3 months, then it will be aborted by tools only. In abortion bleeding and there is a lot of weakness, after this, women have to rest for at least 15 days and should continue to take their medicines iron calcium tablets. 

Abortion can occur in two ways. First, when we don't want to get pregnant but still get pregnant, then we get aborted done or to destroy the fetus. It is called abortion. The second, sudden abortion if a pregnant woman lifts heavy things, then also chances of abortion will be higher, these things should be taken care of in the first 3 months. Apart from this, there are many such medicines which can cause miscarriage then it should be avoided.

When does menstruation come after miscarriage?

The epidemic starts at least 4 to 5 weeks after the miscarriage, but if there is a miscarriage in the first 3 months, then periods can start even after 12 weeks. Removing all the remnants of pregnancy during miscarriage becomes an important thing. If any remnants are left, the epidemic does not start so soon or starts hurting, and then has to remove that remnant from tools. After the abortion, many women have to face 
this problem for a long time.

Cesarean delivery (सिजेरियन डिलिवरी)


This is a wonderful creation of god in which a child 9 months in the womb of his mother. Cesarean delivery is a surgical procedure in which we have to do delivery by an operation to a child from the womb. When the mother and child are in danger due to some reason so cesarean delivery is done.

At that time, so even after the completion of 9 months' time, such a situation can come in which a cesarean is done, but there are some ladies which have labour pain before 9 months then cesarean deliveries can take place. There is some woman who determines in advance that they have to undergo a cesarean delivery because she is not able to bear childbirth so she gets very nervous.

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How is a Cesarean Delivery 

  • Doctors give you Anesthesia during surgery so that pain is not known.
  • This is given in the reed bone so that you do not feel pain in the lower back. Be conscious during surgery but the pain is not known.
  • You are injected and immediately glucose is plated in which medicines are put and glucose is delivered to your body.
  • First of all, doctors place an incision on the stomach of which is at least 10 cm.
  • The baby is taken out by this cut and immediately the baby's nose and mouth are cleaned so that the excess fluid can drain out from this helps the baby breathe.
  • After breaking the baby out, the newel naal which is still attached is cut, the baby is tested as soon as he is born, is he healthy.
  • After that, your incision on the uterus is closed through the stitches.
  • Cesarean delivery costs at least 30,000 - 40,000 rs but if we go to the popular hospitals, then it costs up to 80,000. 

The most important question comes from how to take care of yourself after cesarean delivery.

  1. After cesarean delivery, the hospital was kept for at least 4-5 days. 
  2. Stitches on the uterus to dissolves automatically but the stitches on the stomach take time to be corrected.
  3. If you are recovering from anaesthesia then you will have trouble eating and drinking, therefore doctors give all the liquids to you through tubes.
  4. The first milk of the mother is filled with many essential nutrients that strengthen the immunity of the baby and gives strength to fight against all infections. Therefore, the mother's milk is feed to the baby. The Doctors also gives the Pancillars to eat.
  5. Right now, it can take at least 2 to 3 months to recover after you, so after going home, we have to look after ourselves with care.
  6. Do not do any work for at least two-three months, do not climb stairs.
  7. Drink more water so that you do not get constipated.
  8. Take nutritious elements and eat green vegetables and fruits in the diet and the biggest thing is to be happy to avoid any kind of stress, you and your baby will be healthy.
  9. Do not water the wound, let it dry, keep it clean, and do not put any pressure on your stomach, support your stomach while sleeping or while standing.
  10. If there is an infection after surgery, high fever, swelling in the legs, shortness of breath, consult a doctor immediately.      

you have seen that we can adopt normal delivery by taking a little care, but there are some dangers that do not come by speaking which we have to take care of in pregnancy and hope to avoid miscarriage or cesarean delivery. I Hope, you must have liked this article, you must tell us by commenting.

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