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What is Health (Definition of Health) - Healthy India

How will you be Healthy (Everyone 

should be stay healthy)

Healthy India
Health is not just the name of the absence of diseases. we need to know about health, the meaning of health is different for different people. Well, in today's time, a lot of modern technology exists to keep yourself clean. So, we are able to successfully manage all the social, physical, and emotional challenges in our life. 

A man can enjoy his life only when he is physically and mentally healthy. Only the person who is fully functional with the body and mind can be called perfectly healthy.

A foreign scholar (Dr. Benedict Just) has stated that the best health is that precious jewel whose value is known when it is lost so, it has to have cared for a lot.

Stay healthy
Care yourself and stay Healthy

If you want to be healthy always, consider these 10 things 

(अगर आप हमेशा स्वस्थ रहना चाहते हैं, तो इन 10 बातों पर गौर करें) :-

1. Most essential for good health, regular exercise, or Yoga. Make sure to take some time out for yourself and go for a walk in the morning.

2. Every age has its own problems. Mostly, after 40 years, regular examination of our body should be done every year so that we can recognize the disease earliest and can start the solution at the beginning stage.

3. Consume regular catering vegetable fruit milk curd. This is not only for family members but also for themselves.

4. Do not ignore breakfast in the morning tasks. Have breakfast regularly.

5. Take regular medicine instead of taking stress when a disease is detected. Follow the doctor's instructions and keep healthy.

6. Maintain tolerance by withstanding any pain or discomfort. Keep consulting the doctor.

7. Keep sharing your feelings so that the mind will be light and happy.

8. Always keep the heart full of positive thinking, energy, and happiness., only then the whole body will remain healthy and negative thoughts will not come to mind.

9. 'I am fine',  'I can do everything', 'everything will be good' keep on giving the message on every moment to your mind. So that both our heart and mind were positive.

10. Even if everything goes well, and if the health deteriorates don't panic and don't think so much so consider it is a big part of life and accept it easily.

यह भी पढ़ें - 

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*** Toh Dekha apne Healthy rhne k Bhut se tarike hai jinhe hum apne Jeevan mein follow Krein aur healthy rahein.

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