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Types of cancer in human body and their brief. (मानव शरीर में कैंसर के प्रकार और उनका संक्षिप्त विवरण)




Skin cancer
Skin cancer

We have previously informed you that cancer is a group of diseases, which is in a particular part of the body like the lungs, liver, pancreas, etc., which can be better treated by surgery. Skin cancer is also one such cancer, which is mainly due to prolonged stay in the sun. It is generally believed that this problem can occur mainly in other parts of the body that are directly exposed to sunlight but it has been seen that many times that these cancers also occur in those parts which are not exposed to the sun.

Types of skin 

cancer(त्वचा कैंसर के 


  1. Basal cell carcinoma - This is a very common type of cancer that originates from skin cells.

  2. Melanoma - It is the most fatal form of skin cancer, it is produced in skin-producing cells and its incidence rate is quite low. Although this problem gets seen in a lot of people it also becomes the cause of the death of most people, it is very dangerous compared to the type of cancer in law. Surgery is the only option for its treatment.

  3. Squamous cell carcinoma - This cancer originates at the outer level of the skin and it can also be more deadly than basal cell carcinoma.

Symptoms of Skin

cancer(त्वचा कैंसर 

के लक्षण):-

  • It can have many symptoms including itching and red spots in the body.
  • Skin rashes and moles occur in the body.
  • Even if someone in the family first has skin cancer, the person gets contact in it.
  • Staying in maximum sunlight.
  • If there has been a sunburn before then it will later go into the form of skin cancer.

Prevention of Skin 

cancer(त्वचा कैंसर 

की रोकथाम):-

  • Follow home remedies, use a paste of coconut oil, baking soda and vinegar apply on the face. Eat foods containing vitamin D and iodine.
  • Apply cancer-free cream because some doctors recommend applying cancer-free cream to treat cancer.
  • Cancer is also treated by chemotherapy or biopsy surgery.


Breast cancer

Most women suffer from breast cancer and they consider it an incurable disease. Breast cancer begins when cells in the body grow exceptionally theses cells usually become a timer that can be seen by X-ray or can it be felt as a lump. Cancer is usually made in the lobules or ducts in the breast these are the glands in which milk is formed which provides to transport milk from the glands to the nipples. Uncontrolled cancer cells start invading to healthy breast cells. This risk of getting cancer increases greatly.

Basically, three 

types of breast 

cancer(मूल रूप से, 

तीन प्रकार के स्तन 


  1. Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS)
  2. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC)
  3. Invasive Lobular Carcinoma (ILC)

Symptoms of 

breast cancer (स्तन

कैंसर के लक्षण):-

  • The initial symptom of breast cancer is that in which a lump is formed in the breast.
  • Sometimes, breast cancer starts causing pain, swelling in the breast.
  • Itching occurs on the nipples and feels like changes in breast size as well.
  • Breast cells develop and hormones also begin to change in size.
  • Being overweight and having high calories also increase the risk of cancer.
  • Apart from the milk of the place from nipples, there is other fluid coming out and bleeding from the nipples
  • As the age of women increases, the risk of getting cancer increases. 
  • Women who do not attend physical activity also have an increased risk of getting cancer or does menopause after the age of 55 increases the risk of breast cancer.

Prevention or 

treatment of 

breast cancer (स्तन

कैंसर की रोकथाम या 


  • Checking of the breast of cancer status detection through X-Ray so it can be treated on time.
  • Doing biography or chemotherapy of the patients.
  • Eat more and more vegetables and fruits and eat fiber-rich foods.
  • Eat soybean and drink low-fat milk.
  • Do not eat leafy vegetables in it and do not consume chillily. 
  • don't eat carrots and tomatoes.
  • Stay away from smoke and alcohol, this can prove to be fatal.
  • Do not let your body weight gain and do exercise regularly.
  • In this fear and anxiety in someone, so do not let this thing reach in your mind and be happy.
  • Eat Sweet at least because sweet has calories which can increase your obesity.

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