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What is Cervical cancer and Brain Cancer



Do you know that cervical cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in India? Yes, if you see the figures, due to lack of treatment in time, the cancer is becoming the second biggest cause of death in women of 15-44 years but it is a cancerous disease that can be cured. It is caused by the irregular growth of cells in the uterus. Apart from this, recurring smoking is also due to a reason like building a physical relationship with more than one partner.

Symptoms of 

Cervical cancer

(सर्वाइकल कैंसर के 


  • Cervical cancer often causes abnormal vaginal bleeding, apart from this, blood formation or severe pain while making physical relationships, white smelly discharge from the vagina, or severe pain during periods. Pain in the urine is also a major symptom.
  • Getting pregnant at a very young age can be a symptom.
  • Repeated pregnancies or taking birth control pills also increase the risk of this cancer.
  • Smoking or a weakened immune system cause cervical cancer.

Treatment or 

prevention of

Cervical cancer

(सर्वाइकल कैंसर का 

उपचार या रोकथाम):-

  • Avoid physical relationships with many persons without condoms and get it done HIV test every 3 years.
  • Quit smoking because it all accumulates in the cervix, where they inhibit the growth of cervical cells.
  • Eat fruits, vegetable and take full diet but stay away from obesity.
  • Most importantly, get it vaccinated and get it done as soon as possible with the advice of a doctor so that you can stay away from this disease.
  • Chemotherapy and surgery are the remedies that can treat or remove from cancers.
  • Do not eat at all from animal foods such as dairy products and red meat all.
  • Do not eat Leafy vegetables such as cauliflower broccoli leaf cabbage, Avoid Antioxidant-rich fruits and tea, and Do not eat foods containing omega 3 fatty acids like salmon, nuts & code fish.


Brain Cancer
Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is a serious disease, people have a lot of fears about it, because of which they are not able to get their treatment properly and complete information about how much money will be spent in it is also not available, so, they also consider it an expensive process. If abnormal cells develop in a person's brain, it takes the form of a brain tumor. The skull around the brain is very hard, so if there is any change in it, it causes problems.

Blood cancer has mainly 

two types (ब्लड कैंसर 

के मुख्य रूप से दो 

प्रकार होते हैं):-

1. Cancers Brain Tumor - It starts as a primary tumor and it starts slowly spreads to other parts of the brain. It is also likely to recur after treatment.

2. Non-Cancers Brain Tumor - It is another type of brain tumor. It occurs slowly in the beginning and is less likely to occur again.

Symptoms of Blood 

cancer (ब्लड कैंसर के 


  • It may cause symptoms such as vomiting, headache, and nausea. and sometimes one leg and one hand can be numb.

  • Sometimes the patient feels difficulty in hearing or speaking, it seems as if these powers begin to dissipate in his body.
  • The muscles of the face become weak and there is a risk of losing Memory too.
  • Increasing age is a major symptom and if someone has HIV so If someone has HIV increases the risk of brain cancer.
  • Cannot sleep and feel very tired and there is also a change in people's behavior.

Prevention & Treatment 

of blood cancer (रक्त

कैंसर की रोकथाम और उपचार):-

  • This disease can also be cured with home remedies. People suffering from this should eat mushrooms.
  • It is very important to do yoga in this disease.
  • Surgery can also be done to cure the disease.
  • Chemotherapy is used to destroy chandelier body cells. In chemotherapy, medicines are given through tablets or through injections.
  • A person suffering from cancer should consume enough fruits and vegetables and add beans to your diet.
  • Do not use tobacco, smoke, and drugs that aggravate health problems and it also becomes fatal.
  • Maintain activities in the body such as walking, doing household chores, etc., so that your weight will be controlled.
  • Everyone should at least get the Hepatitis B vaccine so that the risk of getting cancer is greatly reduced.

Thus, we hope that you will have some information available in this article because we have tried to give information about brain tumors and cervical cancer in it. If you liked this article, so request you that comment and must tell us once.

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